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Work That Makes Sense, winner of the prestigious Shingo Research Prize, is Gwendolyn Galsworth’s eagerly-awaited book on how to implement, coach, support, and sustain visual inventiveness on the operator-level. The result? A 15%-30% gain in throughput and a spirited, engaged, and aligned work culture.

Alice Lee, VP/Business Transformation at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Bostonwrites: “This exceptional book takes a fresh approach—viewing the workplace and how to make it visual through the eyes of value-add associates, written as if Dr. Galsworth is sitting with us—instructing, coaching, and guiding us through a visual conversion a page at a time."

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At last! A book that teaches how to go beyond 5S and train, implement, coach, support, and sustain visual inventiveness on the operator-level. This is a must-read for all levels of the organization. Based on nearly 30 years in the field, author Gwendolyn Galsworth, foremost authority on workplace visuality, provides value-add associates with a methodology and hundreds of full-color actual visual solutions for converting their own work areas into visual workplaces.

The result? Visuality becomes the embedded language of operational excellence-and the workplace speaks. Work That Makes Sense is addressed directly to the real experts of day-to-day work in your company-front-line associates-showing them what a visual workplace is, why it’s important to their daily work, and how to create one. Bonus material spells out sixteen key tasks for leaders so they can pro-actively coach and support the conversion.

Robert Miller, Executive Director of The Shingo Prize adds: “Dr. Galsworth continues to produce work in perfect harmony with The Shingo Prize model, with visual concepts, tools, and methods that are essential as companies pursue operational excellence. I recommend Work That Makes Sense to every reader.”

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