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Visual Workplace / Visual Order

Video Training Series in Workplace Visuality

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Considered by many the most comprehensive visual order DVD training series available, the ten DVDs in this set are based on Dr. Galsworth’s highly-acclaimed book, Visual Systems: Harnessing the Power of the Visual Workplace. Across these ten DVDs, you learn a complete process for launching, training, implementing, and sustaining powerful visual concepts, principles, tools and solutions in your company. The focus is on 5S+1: Visual Order—the indispensable first step on every company’s journey to a fully-functioning visual workplace. Watch, listen, and learn as Dr. Galsworth shares a wealth of knowledge, know-how, stories, and tools in a highly engaging, self-paced manner.

Note: Each DVD includes menus in Spanish and a Spanish subtitle option.
This offer only includes the DVD series, not the full kit as shown in the preview.

As you and your workforce apply what you learn through a series of action assignments, you begin to embed, visually, the logic and details of day-to-day excellence into every aspect of work. Over time, the physical work environment becomes its own visual adherence mechanism. The result? An empowered and engaged workforce and business outcomes that are substantial and sustainable. See over 500 actual visual solutions that help you and your team confidently and successfully implement visual order. Learn how to apply the methodology that eliminates motion (corporate enemy #1) in your company—and the information deficits that trigger it. Use these unique DVDs to create and sustain a workforce of visual thinkers. Listen to dozens of managers, directors, engineers, and operators share powerful insights and add rich detail about their own experiences with visual order in their companies.

Join the many companies who say: “This is 5S on Steroids!!” Motorola in Sequin, Texas used this system and reduced $15 million of floor inventory in the first year —and underwent a complete work culture transformation that continues to spread and flourish.

  • Increase in Productivity 30%
  • Reduction in Waiting 70%
  • Reduction in Material Handling 70%
  • Reduction in Walking 54%
  • Improvement in Quality 96%
  • Reduction in Storage Requirements 68%
  • Reduction of Floor Space Requirements 60%

Sneak Peak of What's Included

Disc 1 (Preview Above)

  • System Overview
  • The Basics of Visual Thinking

Disc 2

  • Improvement Time
  • Laminated Map
  • S1 Sort Through
  • S2 Scrub Workplace
  • S3 Secure Safety

Disc 3A and 3B

  • Motion Metrics
  • Smart Placement
  • Value Field
  • Motion Metrics
  • Smart Placement
  • Value Field

… and much, much more!

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“Galsworth’s passion for the topic and her experience and examples bring the benefits of visual/lean to light brilliantly. Her explanation of the training and implementation process made me readily understand where we are on our journey and how to tailor the process to fit our company.”

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